KIP Products You Need for Your Office


Some businesses have ambitious goals, from developing new medicine to solving climate change. While these big-picture ideas can be great, inspiring, and draw more interest in the company, it is those smaller and less glamorous daily tasks that make the workday go around. Every office has to copy, print, and scan different materials in order to communicate with stakeholders, customers, employees, and the outside world in general. In order to do this successfully, your office will need a variety of different KIP products. Here are some KIP products that you need to invest in now for your office space. 

KIP 7170 MFP System

If your workplace has a wide variety of different needs or changes on a daily basis depending on client specifics, then the KIP 7170 MFP System is ideal KIP product for your office setting. It comes with an extensive range of capabilities and is designed for a variety of tasks and uses. On top of that, this machine is pretty easy to use, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck in the office. The system features color multi-touch controls, media roll capacity, and PC and web-based submission tools, making it easy and possible to meet the wants and needs of your office.

KIP 75 Series – 7570 and 7590

The KIP 75 series includes the KIP 7570 Print System and the KIP 7590 MFP Production System. This is a wide and large format printer that can easily handle any high-stress printing environment. Integrated touch screens make it easy to use too. With wide format printing, you can turn out faster print jobs, have more color and paper options, and can take a variety of jobs that otherwise would be very difficult to perform with a normal printer. Another key benefit of large and wide format printing is the turn-around time. With wide format printing, you can turn that print job around in an instant because you can print whenever you like as opposed to having to wait on outside services. This versatility could have significant benefits for small businesses as they try to compete in the printing industry and help clients and businesses out in the fastest way possible.

KIP 900 Color Series

This model is designed to deliver superior color, print quality, reliability, and more. The KIP 900 Color Series produces images that are also 100% waterproof, making this system a useful choice for printing documents needed for outdoor application, or for trade shows and different events. Printing, copying and scanning for a variety of needs are possible with this KIP product. High-quality documents, such as architectural, engineering, and construction. The KIP 900 wide-format color series printer also prints vibrant maps, posters, and signs and more. 

Purchase KIP Systems Near You 

If you’re planning a large and wide format print job for your company anytime soon, you need to ensure you have the capability to do it right. You may also print a lot of posters, stickers, wall materials, and decorations that need to withstand the elements both inside and outside. If either of these is true, then chances are investing in a KIP product is the right investment for you and for your company.  At Electronic Office Systems, we’ll help you turn your office printing problems into solutions. If you would like to learn more about our number of KIP products and printing services, contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.