Who We Serve

Purchase or lease first-rate electronic office systems from us to enjoy premium quality and top-notch service. If you are looking to transition to managed office equipment for your business, Electronic Office Equipment is the name to trust. You can look forward to cutting down up to 20 to 30% of operational costs while also enjoying maximum efficiency in your business operations. Start a free consultation today to learn more about our equipment and services.

Industries We Serve

Electronic Office Systems serves a broad array of industries, offering high-end office equipment supplies and delivering high maintenance standards. We can help you to right-size and recommend the most ideal solution to cater to your office equipment technology needs.

  • Accounting Firms

Accounting firms assist clients with a variety of services that include accounts receivable/payable, payroll processing, and bookkeeping.

  • Biotech Companies

Biotech companies offer products or services that mainly use biotechnology processes for their design, production, or delivery.

  • Building Materials Suppliers

Suppliers of building materials provide the resources needed for construction. Many naturally occurring substances like rocks, clay, wood, sand, and even twigs are part of building materials.

  • Chemical Companies

Chemical companies produce industrial chemicals through chemical processes like refining methods to transform raw materials into different products as well as through chemical reactions.

  • Condominium Associations

A condominium association works like a community association. It is responsible for the maintenance of the common areas and other aspects of a condo development.

  • Construction

The construction industry is made up of commercial companies involved with the development of buildings, bridges, and other structures.

  • Consumer Products

Consumer products are goods that are consumed every day by the typical consumer. The products can include beverages, food items, household products, makeup, cigarettes, and others.

  • Engineering

Engineering can take various forms – military, civil, or mechanical. In short, the engineering industry normally refers to an industry that manufactures machine tools, engines, and machinery.

  • Electrical Contractors

An electrical contractor may be an individual or an organization that performs specialized construction work that pertains to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.

  • Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry consists of television, film, print, and radio. These segments can include TV shows, movies, news, radio shows, newspapers, music, books, and magazines.

  • Mortgage Companies

Mortgage companies specialize in the originating and/or funding mortgages for both commercial and residential properties. Mortgage is a method that is used by property buyers to get a loan on behalf of any collateral security.

Why Choose Electronic Office Systems?

At Electronic Office Systems, we combine personalized, local service with top-class inventory and maintenance standards to deliver to you a well-rounded equipment management experience. We have been in business for more than four decades, having been recognized for our stellar service and premium-quality equipment. Electronic Office Systems is an Elite Dealer of all the brands of equipment that we carry and we have replacement stocks on hand for same-day repairs and maintenance.

For more information about who we serve, feel free to call us at (973) 808-0100 or schedule a 15-minute meeting with us today.