Diversity Policy

1. Purpose

Electronic Office Systems recognizes that the sustained commercial success of the business is underpinned by the capability and performance of employees and relationships with key partners, customers, suppliers and the communities within which we operate. As such, the company has a genuine commitment to and continues focus on investing in growing capability and recognizing and valuing difference – as a part of driving an inclusive and high performance culture.


2. Our Commitment

At Electronic Office Systems, we uphold the principle of merit, where competence and achievement is rewarded and recognized. We employ the best people we can get, based on requirements of the job and alignment with the team and business culture. The company is committed to the principle of equal pay for work of equal value.


3. Practical Application

Electronic Office Systems approach to ensuring an inclusive and diverse work environment is built around:

  • Our aspirations to build a high performing culture that enables and values diverse inputs, in turn creating broader business opportunities and stronger business outcomes,

  • Our commitment to Electronic Office Systems,

  • a continued focus on organizational development and recognition of the degree to which diversity is critical to business success,

  • maintaining a strong alignment between our workforce and customer base we serve,

  • remaining current with regard to opportunities and challenges in the external labor markets.