Paper Shredders

If you work in an industry that deals with highly sensitive or confidential information, getting paper shredders is a must. In our online shop at Electronic Office Systems, you can find many different models of paper shredders to suit your business needs and budget. Start shopping with us today and find the fit-for-purpose products you need.


About Our Paper Shredders

Paper shredders are used to slice documents into strips, pieces, or even particles, ensuring that the information on them is no longer readable. The importance of having a shredder cannot be underestimated in today’s digital world, where a lot can be glimpsed from a social security number, address, and even a QR code.

There are different types of shredders you can choose from with varying degrees of cutting mechanisms – for instance, a shredder for home use will likely require a lower level of security than one for business documents. Some types of cutting methods employed by paper shredders include:

  • The single cut, where paper is cut into long, vertical strips. Although it will require diligent effort to piece them back together, it can be done given some time and dedication, which is why this type of shredder is not recommended for commercial use.

  • The crosscut method, where paper is sliced both lengthwise and crosswise into confetti-like squares. This is a good mid-range choice.

  • The ultra-security cut, where paper is cut into minute shreds that are unreadable. This method is recommended for highly confidential information.


Types of Businesses that Require Paper Shredders

The following types of businesses should own good-quality paper shredders in the interest of protecting confidential information:

  • Government Agencies: You do not want personal data getting out as this can compromise the security of all stakeholders and put your agency’s reputation at risk. Invest in a reliable paper shredder to ensure this doesn’t have the chance to happen.

  • Credit Unions: Again, financial information is strictly personal and credit unions are responsible for ensuring this information is kept confidential. Unwanted documents should always be shredded before being discarded.

  • Legal Operations: The importance of keeping client data confidential cannot be overstated for an attorney firm or any other operations dealing with legal processes. Safeguard your private information and that of your clients with a trusty paper shredder today.

  • … and more!


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