Top 3 Digital Duplicator Brands


A digital duplicator is your office’s essential all-in-one – it combines scanning, printing and high-speed printing into one machine. Instead of spending time and money to install three different machines in your office for those individual solutions, digital duplicators are cost-effective and saves time. They are ideal for printing and scanning large amounts of documents at a fast pace. Since a digital duplicator is meant to be a time-saver and a solution to all of your office paper needs, it’s paramount that you buy from a trusted brand – after all, these machines are meant to last in your office for a long time. Here are the top three digital duplicator brands to consider purchasing from.

1. Ricoh

Ricoh’s digital duplicators, known as their Copy-Printers, have been in production since 1987. They offer high-speed imaging with an unmatched spot-color printing. Their Priport line, which includes the DX 2430, DD 6650P, DD5450, and DD3344, offers high-speed printing, and can print a remarkable 80 pages within one minute. 

2. Savin

You can rely on Savin digital duplicators for high-speed single color printing at a low cost-per-page. With just a push of a button, you can copy and print large volumes of paper. Their DD 3334 can print up to 130 pages per minute, and has a maximum monthly volume of 100,000 pages. Meanwhile, their DD 5450 can print up to 150 pages per minute, and has a maximum monthly volume of 170,000. Both machines are more eco-friendly than your regular, average printer, as they do not require a heat source while imaging. This saves electricity costs and effectively cuts out the warm-up period the printers usually require.

3. Lanier

Lanier’s digital duplicator products offer similar capabilities to Savin’s. Their digital duplicators are also capable of copying and printing over 100,000 pages a month. They have a print resolution of up to 300×400 dpi. You can manage their machines easily with remote device management, so that you can view and make print jobs even while you’re out of office. This way, Lanier’s digital duplicators are ready to print whenever you are.

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