Digital Duplicator Inks and Masters

If your company or business regularly needs to copy in bulk, you most likely use a digital duplicator. This cost-effective alternative to a toner-based copier or printer allows the user to save on high volume print jobs and gets the job done quickly and effectively. This type of machine needs certain components to run smoothly, and Electronic Office Systems has everything you need. We are happy to offer the ink and masters required for your digital duplicator to function, and we will work with you to help your business uphold productivity and efficiency. Below, we discuss the importance of these supplies, and we encourage you to reach out and contact us today with any questions you may have.

About Digital Duplicator Inks and Masters

In order for a digital duplicator to work, two key components are needed. The first piece, which you can find at Electronic Office Systems, is the master. A digital duplicator begins the copying process by scanning an image or document, burning the image onto a wax-based master, and then wrapping the master around an ink drum. Without the master, the machine would not be able to burn the image or roll the text onto the paper, so copying would not be possible. Just like a standard printer or copier, digital duplicators require ink as well. After the master is wrapped around the ink drum, the drum squeezes ink through the holes in the master, and as the drum rotates, it transfers whatever is being copied onto the paper. A digital duplicator is capable of making thousands of copies at a moment’s notice, and Electronic Office Systems can provide everything you need for this convenient process.

Buy Digital Duplicator Inks and Masters Near You

A digital duplicator makes printing and copying in high volume a quicker and easier process, and for this process to be possible, your machine needs quality ink and masters. Electronic Office Systems is proud to provide these supplies to you, as well as a variety of other office essentials. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive customer service and satisfaction of our customers, and our knowledgeable team will help you choose the supplies you need for business success. To learn more about the products, supplies, and services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us today by calling (973) 808-0100. We look forward to working with you!