Copier Toner and Image Drums

Anyone who works in an office setting knows the value and importance of a copier. The need to copy documents likely arises nearly every day, so having a reliable copier and well-stocked supplies is essential to your business’ functionality. There are two major components that any copier needs to be able to get its job done- toner and an image drum. Electronic Office Systems offers these copier essentials in a variety of brands at affordable prices, so that you can find exactly what you need within your budget. Read on for more information about copier toner and image drums, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

About Copier Toner and Image Drums

In order to print copies of documents, your copier requires toner. Toner is a powder mixture that is used to form the printed text and images on your documents, and it is often held in a toner cartridge. The two elements of toner are plastic and pigment- the pigment provides color, and the plastic is what bonds the pigment to the paper. Toner cartridges come in different colored sets and have electrostatic properties. When print quality begins to decline, your toner cartridge will need to be replaced.

Along with toner, a copier also requires an image drum. The image drum is what transfers the toner onto the paper during the copying process. Through the reactions of positive and negative charges, the toner is pulled from the cartridge to the image drum. It sticks to the areas that are oppositely charged and is then able to create text and images on paper. This type of drum unit will be subject to standard wear and tear over time, and Electronic Office Systems can help you find the perfect replacement.

Shop for Copier Toner and Image Drums Near You

A copier is an office essential, and it requires components like toner and an image drum to fulfill your copying needs. For these and other office products and supplies, you can count on Electronic Office Systems. We carry and distribute all manner of office staples to all 50 states, and we service companies nationwide through a national service network. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and would be happy to work directly with you to help you find whatever your office needs. To learn more about the products and supplies we offer, do not hesitate to contact us today by calling (973) 808-0100