VOIP Phone Systems

On the hunt for a VOIP phone system that will improve processes in your business or establishment? At Electronic Office Systems, you can find a wide selection of VOIP phones to take your pick from, and if you are unsure what will best work for your commercial purposes, our product specialists are always ready to make the most suitable recommendation.


About Our VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it has changed the way we communicate since its launch in 1995. Instead of using a local landline to make phone calls, calls are made over an Internet connection, allowing businesses to save on long-distance call charges. Because all that’s needed is an Internet connection, a router, and a modem, employees can easily work from home and still remain in easy contact throughout.

In order to make a call via VOIP, you will need either a VOIP calling app or Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) desk phone. Many businesses choose to make use of a combination of both, with desk phones situated in the office and calling apps downloaded on each employee’s personal device. Working by converting voice signals into digital signals, VOIP phone systems come with additional benefits such as having your data stored in the cloud and online dashboard management.


Types of Businesses that Require VOIP Phone Systems

A wide range of businesses can make use of VOIP phone systems to a great advantage. Below is a list:

  • Factories & Warehouses: In the fast-paced industry of manufacturing and production, quick communication is vital, especially if you have operations spread out across the country or even the world. Cut out long-distance call charges when you go with a VOIP phone system!

  • MNCs: Does your business have offices in locations all over the world? To avoid paying a large sum on long-distance calls, many businesses choose to install a VOIP phone system, allowing you to communicate instantly with employees and stakeholders in different time zones.

  • Governmental Agencies: Need to get in touch with a supplier or stakeholder located elsewhere? Official correspondences can be made that much easier with a VOIP phone system, and you can manage these calls easily from one convenient dashboard.

  • … and more!


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If you are looking to purchase SIP desk phones and get started with installing a VOIP phone system in your establishment, Electronic Office Systems is your one-stop shop. With a wide base of satisfied clients across various industries, we have the necessary expertise and experience to help you select the right products.

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