Smart Video Interactive Whiteboards

If you are looking to purchase smart video interactive whiteboards, also known as electronic whiteboards and interactive touchscreens, you can find everything you need at Electronic Office Systems. Feel free to browse through our range of offerings and select the products that best suit your needs today! As an Elite Dealer for every brand we carry, you will find that we can meet your request for parts and supplies within a short response time of 4 to 8 hours.


About Our Smart Video Interactive Whiteboards

Our interactive whiteboards make use of a screen to display information and react to input by users, which can be added physically or through other devices. Up till recent years, traditional whiteboards have been the go-to for sharing and displaying information; however, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, where remote working and studying have become the new norm, interactive whiteboards have started gaining popularity.

Interactive whiteboards allow for collaborative work between coworkers, classmates, teachers, and customers, allowing each party to share and illustrate their ideas clearly. In addition, because of their connectivity capabilities, tasks can be easily digitalized without compromising on functionality, enabling groups of people to work together despite being in different physical locations.


Types of Businesses that Require Smart Video Interactive Whiteboards

Are you wondering how interactive whiteboards can improve processes in your business or organization? Below are the types of businesses that will benefit from using interactive whiteboards:

  • Schools & Educational Institutions: Because the types of work in factories often involve a degree of physical labor, this can bring on sudden cardiac arrest in individuals with irregular heart rhythms. Having AEDs close on hand can make the difference between life and death for someone.

  • Commercial Offices: In any setting where collaboration is necessary, interactive whiteboards are a must-have. Allow each member of the team to pitch in and visualize any new concepts on an interactive screen, with both textual and visual data being synced instantaneously from various devices.

  • Retail Stores & Tourist Attractions: With an interactive screen in place, visitors are able to obtain the information they need quickly and easily. Whether your interactive whiteboard serves as a directory or as a stop point for information, introducing these devices to your premises will greatly enhance the customer/visitor experience.

  • … and more!


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Our wide base of clients includes higher educational institutions, daycare centers, factories, government agencies, and many more. Regardless of your unique needs, we are able to recommend a model of the interactive whiteboard to suit your commercial purposes.

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