Technology is ever-changing, especially in the classroom or office. Having up-to-date technology can positively increase learning experiences by enhancing peer collaboration, focuses, and the excitement to learn. With the Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Whiteboards, designs, blueprints, and spreadsheets can be displayed on a high definition 55-inch (and up to 84-inch) flat panel display. Ricoh makes it easy to write handwritten notes and markings onto the displayed text. These Interactive Whiteboards come in five models, the advanced computer panels which are a high-resolution touch screen monitor that is compatible with most audio-visual devices. You may also choose the basic whiteboard and connect it to your Mac or PC and utilize third-party software to mimic mouse control, multi-touch and drawing stimulations. There are many benefits to Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Whiteboards, keep reading to learn more about how to effectively utilize this technology in your professional space.

Compatible Interactive Whiteboard with Top Quality

The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard allows for easy connection to present projects with ease. HDMI cable ready, the whiteboard is compatible with Windows, Mac and virtually every smartphone, tablet, PC and even flash drives. Ricoh ensures top quality with Ultra High Definition resolution to properly display sharp images and text, and because it’s software and calibration-free, there is no need for common IT support. With a precise touch sensor to write, draw, scroll and enlarge images with your finger or the felt-tip pen, Ricoh makes it easy to add your personal touch to any document, without skipping a beat. You may even remotely connect up to 50 Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards for maximum collaboration. 

Top Collaboration with Proper Safety

As an owner of an Interactive Flat Panel Whiteboard project, everything can be saved – including markings. Owners can share and give access to whom they choose via shared LDAP directory or USB drive. Collaboration can even be continued with a password-protected email so edits can continue to be made post-presentation. Edits can also conveniently be made through the Ricoh iPad app for on the go collaboration. The Ricoh Smart Device Connector app also makes it easy to upload or download PDFs, as well as, print via Ricoh’s Universal Print Driver. Ricoh also makes it easy to store data on the board itself. Security and document safety is the number one priority. Once the device is turned off, all unsaved information is discarded automatically so the next user will not be able to view confidential and private documents.  

Office and Classroom Equipment Supplier in New Jersey

If you’re ready to upgrade your office or classroom collaboration tools, let Electronic Office Systems in Fairfield, NJ supply your Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Whiteboard. EOS is the premium Tri-State office supply retailer. Offering selling, leasing, and troubleshooting all products, our customer service is unmatched. To learn more about the other products we offer and how we can improve the functionality of your business contact us today