Fax Machines & Fax Servers

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About Our Fax Machines & Fax Servers

Fax machines make use of telephone networks to send documents and images to another fax machine, an online fax service, or a computer. With the use of an internal optical scanner, printed pages and images can be transmitted as electronic signals to the recipient’s device.

Today, the majority of faxed documents are for business purposes, and the technology has evolved such that fax machines & fax servers are now part of larger multifunction units that can send and receive documents over Internet networks.

A fax server is installed in a Local Area Network (LAN) and allows users whose devices are connected to the LAN to send and receive documents. The incoming messages can be stored as printable file formats and with the use of a fax server, you can reduce the number of dedicated fax lines within your organization.


Types of Businesses that Require Fax Machines & Fax Servers

Does your business need fax machines & servers? Below are some types of businesses that can make use of these devices:

  • State & Local Governments: It is easy to transmit information quickly and effectively with a dedicated fax machine & server. Ensure that recipients can get the information they need without delay when you get a fit-for-purpose faxing system set up.

  • Warehouses & Factories: As a critical link in the supply chain, warehouse and factory managers have their work cut out for them. Communicating with suppliers and consumers can be simplified with the use of a tax machine & server, allowing processes to run that much more smoothly.

  • Real Estate Agencies: There’s a lot of paperwork to be done in the real estate sector, especially when it comes to transferring of ownership. Ensure that the necessary documents can reach the relevant parties without trouble when you use a fax machine & server.

  • … and more!


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