Digital Laser Copier/Printers

Do you require digital laser copiers for commercial purposes? If so, you need to look no further than Electronic Office Systems for all your needs. In our online shop, you can find a vast selection of models to suit your budget, concerns, and requirements. If you are still unsure, let our product specialists make a recommendation after understanding your unique needs!


About Our Digital Laser Copiers/Printers

Digital laser copiers are known for producing high-quality documents at a rapid pace. Because they make use of an electrostatic digital printing process, you can expect the quality of documents to exceed those produced by inkjet printers, which are usually used in homes. In addition, the cost per copy is lower, making it a good choice for businesses.

Although digital laser copiers come at a higher initial price than inkjet printers, you will soon find that the investment pays for itself. You will not face any issues such as the toner drying up as digital laser copiers make use of cartridges. Most often utilized in offices for high-volume printing needs, toner powder is fused onto paper to create a print. If your business has a need to print sharp documents and images or reports of satisfactory quality, a digital laser copier is the way to go.


Types of Businesses that Require Digital Laser Copiers/Printers

Although an increasing number of businesses are going digital nowadays, there’s still a high demand for hard-copy documents in various sectors. Below are just some:

  • Educational Institutions: Printed notes and worksheets are must-haves in every educational institution, particularly preschools and elementary schools, where much of learning is hands-on. A digital laser copier can churn out many copies at one go without compromising on quality.

  • Commercial Offices and Government Agencies: For official reports and correspondences, you will need to ensure that your documents are presentable. To this end, getting a digital laser copier will prove to be a lasting investment for any office.

  • Hospitality Establishments: As a place where guests come on holiday or simply to spend the night, keeping track of bookings and reservations is highly important. With a digital laser copier, you can easily print out essential documents and do the same for guests who may have forgotten to bring along a copy of their own or require a map.

  • … and more!


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At Electronic Office Systems, you can find a wide range of devices you need to improve processes in your establishment, from interactive whiteboards to digital laser copiers. As a recipient of the J.D Power Award in recognition for the superior customer service and value we provide, you can shop with full confidence knowing that we have your best interests in mind. Our commitment to go green means that the types of equipment you purchase from us make use of capabilities that conserve ink, digitalize processes and save energy.

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