Business Document Scanners

Do you require fit-for-purpose business document scanners for business purposes? Regardless of the industry you operate in, Electronic Office Systems has got the perfect device(s) for you. Come to our product specialists for a recommendation today if you are unsure what type of printing, scanning, or multifunction device will best suit your needs. We can make suitable suggestions based on your individual needs, concerns, and budget.


About Our Business Document Scanners

Document scanners can either be standalone devices or part of a multifunction device that can also print and copy documents. The purpose of a scanner is to copy a physical item, such as a handwritten report or piece of artwork, and transfer an image of it to a computer. Many scanners have an internal memory that can store the scanned item if a computer is not immediately available to transfer the document to.

There are two main types of document scanners: flatbed scanners and sheet-bed scanners. With a flatbed scanner, you place the item you want scanning facedown on the glass plate. The end result will depend on the way the item was positioned on the glass plate, such as whether it’s been aligned properly. With a sheet-bed scanner, you simply insert the piece of paper on which the data you want scanning is written or drawn on. From there, the scanner will do its job automatically, moving and ejecting the piece of paper when done.


Types of Businesses that Require Business Document Scanners

Business document scanners are used in many types of businesses worldwide to great effect. If you work in any of the below sectors, getting one can greatly benefit your business operations:

  • Car Dealerships: We all know that a copious amount of paperwork is involved with buying and selling cars. From maintenance history to ownership deeds, a document scanner will enable you to store and receive the information you need easily.

  • Credit Unions: Similarly, there are many processes to jump through and documents to review before approving a loan. With the use of a document scanner, you can quickly gain access to digital copies of the necessary paperwork.

  • Real Estate Agencies: Transferring homeownership is a process that requires lots of documentation to process. A document scanner can allow prospective homeowners to send the relevant information to realtors remotely and with minimal hassle.

  • … and more!


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