6 Benefits Of EV Charging Stations For Healthcare Facilities

Competition within the healthcare industry is forcing lateral thinking in many businesses in a bid to attract more clients. For healthcare facilities, this may mean looking for ways to improve patient care and support of sustainable practices. Installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations provides a number of benefits for healthcare facilities and their patients. Some of the benefits of having EV charging stations within a healthcare facility include:

Enhances Patient Experience

One of the biggest benefits of EV charging stations for healthcare facilities is that they may enhance the patient experience. By providing a convenient and reliable charging solution for patients who drive EVs, healthcare facilities can make it easier for them to travel to and from appointments. This can also make it more convenient for patients to use their EVs for off-facility activities, as they can easily recharge their vehicles when they’re at the facility.

It Creates A Better Environment For Environmentally Conscious Customers

Many patients are becoming more environmentally conscious and are looking for healthcare facilities that support their values. By offering EV charging stations on facility grounds, healthcare facilities can attract eco-friendly patients and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. This can help to differentiate the facility from its competitors and attract patients who are looking for a more environmentally friendly healthcare experience. You will definitely notice a good number of clients avoiding a hospital that does not have EV charging stations to a hospital that does. This not only speaks to their passion about the environment, but also is also practical in that they can have their EV vehicles charge while receiving services at the healthcare facility. It therefore makes the facility more practical for EV owners.

Supports Employee Commuting

EV charging stations can also support employee commuting, as they provide a convenient and reliable charging solution for employees who drive EVs. By supporting employee commuting, healthcare facilities can help to reduce their impact on the environment and improve employee satisfaction.

It Offers Branding Opportunities for the Healthcare Facility

Installing EV charging stations on healthcare facility grounds can also provide a branding opportunity. Healthcare facilities can advertise their EV charging stations to patients and employees and use them as a source of advertising revenue. This can help to increase awareness of the facility’s brand and support its reputation as a forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious business.

Supports Local Businesses

EV charging stations can also support local businesses, as patients and employees are more likely to spend time in the surrounding area if they can charge their EVs while they’re there. This can help to boost the local economy and support the growth of sustainable businesses in the area.

Cost-Effective Solution

Installing EV charging stations can also be a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities, as the cost of charging an EV is typically less than the cost of fueling a traditional gasoline or diesel vehicle. This can help to reduce operating costs for healthcare facilities and support their bottom line. Installing EV charging stations on healthcare facility grounds provides benefits for healthcare facilities and their clients. If you are interested in understanding how the installation process works or simply want to learn more about installing EV charging stations, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff members are never far away from most locations, and can therefore visit your site to give you accurate information about what installing the EV charging stations will take. As a recipient of the J.D. Power Award for Superior Customer Service, you can trust the quality of our services.