Black and White Laser Printers for Businesses​​

If your business doesn’t print colored documents often, a black and white laser printer will be the most suitable and cost-effective device for your needs. At Electronic Office Systems, you can find the printing devices you require at the most competitive prices. As Elite Dealers for all the brands we stock, we can promise a quick turnaround time between 4 to 8 hours when you require parts and/or supplies.


About Our Black and White Laser Printers for Businesses

Black and white laser printers offer the most cost-effective price per page out of all the printing devices on the market. Unless your business prints colored pages on a regular basis, chances are, getting a color printer will simply eat into your costs. With black and white laser printers, you can meet your high-volume printing needs and stretch your money that much further, with each cartridge able to produce approximately 1,500 pages.

Because laser printers make use of heat to fuse ink to the page, you can expect there to be no unsightly smearing as well as no drying time required. This makes black and white laser printers ideal for printing a large number of documents at once, which can come in highly useful for organizations such as schools.


Types of Businesses that Require Black and White Laser Printers

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from getting black and white laser printers. Below is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Daycares and Charter Schools: In a daycare center or preschool, a large number of handouts are required for children to engage in learning activities such as coloring and practicing their penmanship. Older students will require notes and worksheets, all of which a black and white laser printer can handle easily.

  • Credit Unions: Credit unions will inevitably require a number of different printouts, from information sheets to application forms. With a black and white laser printer, you can easily provide your customers with the paperwork they need without keeping them waiting for too long.

  • State & Local Governments: At any government agency, there is a great deal of paperwork to be done. Get your printing needs met with a fit-for-purpose black and white laser printer today.

  • … and more!


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Electronic Office Systems stocks a wide range of printers to meet your commercial purposes, including color laser printers, wide format printers, and multifunction laser printers. Our product specialists are always ready to make the most suitable recommendation if you are unsure which type of printer will best suit your needs.

For close to 40 years, our team at Electronic Office Systems has been providing a superior level of customer service to our clients, and for this purpose, we have been awarded the J.D Power Award in recognition of the value we can bring to our customers.

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