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Electronic Office Systems is a fully authorized dealer for several major manufacturers and offers a full range of quality color and black and white digital laser copiers and MFP's (Multifunction Printers or Peripherals). These products have the ability to print, copy, fax and scan all within one machine. They allow you to create impressive and professional looking documents at exceptional speeds. EOS has the ability to provide our valued customers a wide variety of multi-functional devices based on specific business and personal needs. Our digital business equipment ranges from low-end entry-level desktop multifunction machines to high-end high-volume production systems.

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Color can provide a powerful effect in many documents. Electronic Office Systems provides top quality color laser printers and multifunction printers from leading manufacturers in the printing industry. Color laser printers give you the ability to create sharp color outputs, up to tabloid size printing of diagrams, impressive color brochures, stationary, invoices and more, at affordable prices. Black and white laser printers print quickly and produce sharp and clear output. These printers produce professional quality documents at an impressive speed and at a low output cost are the best solution when color printing is not always needed. In addition, these are just a few optional features that are available: stapling, hole punching, booklet making and multi-part forms printing.

Savin Office Printers Kyocera Office Printers Lanier Office Printers Ricoh Office Printers HP Office Printers Lexmark Office Printers Muratec Office Printers Xerox Office Printers OKI Office Printers

Electronic Office Systems offers a variety of fax machines and fax servers. These fax machine solutions feature Super G3 modems for ultra-fast delivery and reception speeds up to 33.6 Kbps. We carry fax machine solutions for every office and budget.. If your office requires multiple users with network faxing options (PC, internet and LAN faxing capabilities), EOS will recommend the best fax server solution for your needs.

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Enterprise Document Management (EDM) / Content Management is one of Electronic Office System's (EOS) primary core competencies. Companies that rely on document intensive processes use document management software to electronically manage documents, streamline workflows and eliminate inefficient paper based filing systems. Document imaging management is the conversion of paper documents into electronic images on your computer. Once on your desktop, these documents can be retrieved effortlessly in seconds. Electronic Office Systems has the expertise, key industry partnerships, and a highly dependable staff to seamlessly integrate and implement a Document Management/ Content Management solution to meet your needs.

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Document scanning has become increasing important in organizations today and is an integral part of how departments, individuals, and companies communicate. The key feature to document scanning is the ability to transfer documents over the internet to anywhere in the world without paying postage. Electronic Office Systems offer a variety of high quality production document scanners from top manufacturers. Let EOS provide the right scanner solution for your business needs.

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Large format printers (sometimes called "wide format" printers) do more than look good, they print, plot, copy, scan and can produce exceptional quality output in black and white or color (24” - 60” in width). Large format printers deliver crisp, clean copies and can enhance your company's communications by providing flexibility in enlarging or reducing the size of the documents. Large format printers create high impact documents including drawings, blue prints, and other graphics in various output sizes. Some large format engineering copiers will also make quality copies from various output types, such as opaque, translucent, and 3mm boards, to any manageable length.

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Digital duplicators integrate scanning, precision imaging and high speed printing into one solution. These products produce high volume output with lower operating costs since they have a simplified print structure. They offer a variety of features, such as color and computer connectivity, as well as in-house publishing capabilities for high volume production printing. Digital duplicators can produce vibrant high quality images throughout the print production. Digital duplicators are used extensively in educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, print shops and other industries and organizations that have short run requirements of single-page duplications or multi-color formats.

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Electronic Office Systems carries a full line of shredders. We understand how important it is to dispose confidential documents in the most secure way and having the comfort of doing it onsite at your location. Outsourcing disposal services for your most confidential materials, can be concerning, costly, and often a last resort. The most secure and economical way to dispose of your sensitive and confidential data is to shred them in-house. This will ensure you have protected your company from any data loss or theft. Commercial quality business shredders provide a variety of top quality shredders with different security levels. Trust Electronic Office Systems, premier NJ supplier of top brand office equipment products, to consult and provide you with the best business shredder to meet your business needs.

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Computer Networking Infrastructure

Electronic Office Systems sells, and services top brand electronic office equipment from leading manufacturers, and our knowledgeable staff of technicians retain expertise to implement your system integration needs. Their extensive business backgrounds will help you design an efficient and cost effective local area networking or wide area networking solution. EOS maintains strategic partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, IBM, EMC, HP, DELL, Lenovo and other leading suppliers of network hardware and software. During the network configuration and consultation stages, EOS ensures reliability, maintainability and peak performance through the application of rigorous analysis and engineering protocols. We ensure the criteria set forth during the planning is carried out during the assembly and installation of the network infrastructure solution, and that the final remote access solutions and wireless network setup options are pre-approved by our clients.

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