Cut Your Company’s Printing Costs With Print Fleet Management

Total Output Management is a one-stop shop for your print fleet management needs. We can improve the efficiency of your business and save you time and money. We offer service on laser printers, digital copiers, fax machines, and multifunction devices; we handle parts for many of the most popular brands and models. Our technicians do preventive maintenance to find problems before they happen so that you can avoid costly downtime. We sell replacement parts at competitive prices, and we also handle repairs.

If you need new equipment in an emergency or want to upgrade your current hardware, Total Output Management has hot-swap units available for rental. We stock a full range of consumables and supplies for every type of machine we handle; we also sell high-quality printer paper.

As an expert in the print fleet management industry, Electronic Office Systems’ Total Output Management has helped many businesses reduce internal printing costs by up to 20%. We provide various printing solutions and services to help you save money and increase your company’s productivity. We work with all types of businesses, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

How Total Output Management Works

We pride ourselves on being as easy as ABC!

A – The Investigation/Analysis

If your company is spending too much on printing, it could cost your business thousands of dollars. It becomes imperative to figure out why and how to control the costs. We have created a solution that has proven effective for many of our regular customers and reduced their printing costs by up to 30%. The solution involves gathering information about your company’s printing needs and processes. Once the data is compiled, we create a detailed report which is then used to make recommendations for reducing the cost of printing. The method includes the following:

  • Gathering information about your printers’ makes/models/serial numbers/meter usages/IP addresses
  • Looking at your inventories of printer supplies; how have these items been acquired and stored
  • Mapping your employees’ foot traffic to create and print documents
  • Analyzing each machine’s output costs and usage
  • Looking at each machine’s age and ability to perform correctly and cost-effectively.

B – The Report

In the case of copiers/fax/scanners/printers, our report will show all copier MFP scans and outputs, whether these outputs are copies/prints/or faxes. We will also show scanning workloads. For example, if your company has a sales staff, we can determine their average per-day output and peak and slow periods. We can also assess your HR department’s daily output by looking at the number of applicants who come in for jobs each day. Our spreadsheet can also include device lease start dates, monthly payments, and lease end dates.

C- Our Recommendation

The report we will give you is our findings on the current state of your fleet, recommendations on how to maximize its use and efficiency, and suggestions for improvements.

This report will give you the following:

  • Our findings on the current state of your fleet
  • How to utilize your current fleet more effectively and efficiently
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • A parts/labor/supply maintenance agreement that will streamline your supply chain and prevent waste
  • How not to go into auto renewal/payment extensions with leasing companies

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