Necessary Supplies an Office Can not Live Without

While running an office, managers and workers alike must have access to the proper office equipment used to successfully run a business. At Electronic Office Systems, we offer new ideas and new solutions to offices but still provide our customers with machine supply items that lay out a basic foundation for any office to thrive. These machine supply items we have available range from laser printer cartridges to overhead transparencies and everything in between.

Laser Printers and Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Laser printer cartridges are specifically for new laser printers, which work by printing data that has been store electronically, converting it into ink on a page. Laser printers utilize a bright laser beam and require laser printer cartridges that fit into the various printer models sold at Electronic Office Systems. Ink printer cartridges provide the ink to older, more traditional inkjet printers, which use liquid ink to print documents.

Digital Duplicator Inks and Masters

When an office requires a high volume of print jobs, digital duplicators a printer specifically designed to handle 20 or more print jobs at a time are a must. At Electronic Office Systems, we sell digital duplicators, we as well as ink and masters to go along with it. The digital duplicator scans original documents, then transfers it to a master template via an imaging process. The master is wrapped around a print and the ink is then drawn through the perforations in the master to create the final prints.

Fax Machine Toners and Image Drums

Fax machines are a great way for businesses to send and receive important documents in a timely and efficient manner. Electronic Office Systems sells both fax machine toners and image drums. Our fax machine toners are cartridges that contain toner powder, which creates the letters and images that a machine produces. The image drum units we sell are responsible for transferring the toner to the paper.

Copiers and Wide Format Copiers

Electronic Office System is a certified copier dealer and copier company, so we only see the best copy machines both regular and wide format on the market. We sell, rent and lease all major copier brands, including Ricoh, Kyocera, Canon, HP, Sharp, Savin and Kip. Our inventory of copier supplies and parts include toner and toner cartridges, image drums, fusers, rollers and more. For wide format copiers specifically, we sell plotter toners as well.

Copy Paper and Data Paper

In office settings, the type of paper a company uses makes all the difference. The copy paper we sell at Electronic Office Systems is thinner than regular printer paper. Copy paper is best for everyday printing, like text documents. Data paper is a much sturdier alternative to copy paper.

Dot Matrix Printer Ribbons

Dot Matrix Printers are also referred to as impact printers. The customers who purchase Dot Matrix Printers are typically banks, retail outlets, ATMs and offices, as well as other places that produce large amounts of print jobs on a day to day basis.

Wide Format/Engineering Paper and Overhead Transparencies

Businesses that makes use of wide format printers will always be able to take advantage of our wide format/engineering paper, which is a used specifically for this type of printer. Overhead transparencies are also sold at Electronic Office Systems. These thin, flexible sheets are used to display images to an audience on an overhead projector.

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