Fax Machine Toner and Image Drums

Faxing is a common office routine, and in order for this process to be possible, your fax machine needs to be fully functional. Electronic Office Systems is proud to provide all the products and supplies any office needs to be productive and successful, including toner cartridges and image drums for any fax machine. Below, we have provided the basics about these two fax machine elements to provide you with the best information possible. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about these or other office essentials.

About Fax Machine Toner and Image Drums

Fax machines require specific components to work properly, and two such pieces are the toner cartridge and the image drum. The toner cartridge is comparable to an ink cartridge- it contains the toner powder that makes printing possible. This dry particle mixture is transferred onto the paper by the drum unit and then fused onto the paper by heated rollers as the paper is printed. Toner cartridges need to be replaced when the print quality begins to decline.

In order for a fax machine to work, it not only needs a toner cartridge but an image drum as well. This element of the machine is what transfers the toner powder onto the paper, making the printing and faxing of words and images possible. The drum unit of a fax machine is electrically charged, and through the reactions of positive and negative charges, the toner is pulled from its cartridge to the drum, and then onto the paper to create whatever is being printed. Electronic Office Systems can help you find the exact supplies you need to keep your fax machine fully functional.

Fax Machine Toner and Image Drums in Fairfield, NJ

When you need to replace your toner cartridge or image drum, you can count on Electronic Office Systems to provide everything you need for an efficient office. We carry various brands of toner cartridges and image drums for whatever fax machine you use, and we are happy to work directly with customers to help them find exactly what they need. Contact us by calling (973) 808-0100 to learn more about the products and supplies we provide- we look forward to working with you!