Dot Matrix Printer Ribbons

A printer is a standard office product, and the supplies you need to keep it running depend on the type of printer you use. One type of printing is dot (or impact) matrix printing, which uses a collection of dot matrix data and a print head that moves horizontally or vertically. Words and images are printed by impact as an ink-soaked ribbon is struck against the paper, and these printer ribbons are what make the printing process possible. Electronic Office Systems is proud to offer and distribute dot matrix printer ribbons as well as many other office products and supplies. Below, we lay out the basics about dot matrix printing and ribbons, and we encourage you to reach out and contact us with any questions you may have!

About Dot Matrix Printer Ribbons

Dot matrix printing is similar to typewriting. The difference between dot matrix printing and typewriting is that when letters are drawn out of a dot matrix, various fonts and graphics can be produced. During the printing process, dots produced by tiny metal rods are driven forward by an electromagnet. A ribbon mask holder faces the ribbon and serves as a guide for the pins, and through these complex processes, the print head is able to print one line of text at a time. This occurs through the impact of the ribbon on the paper, so without the printer ribbon, the printing process would not be possible.

Purchase Dot Matrix Printer Ribbons Near You

Dot matrix printers are very complex pieces of technology, and without all of their components, printing is not possible. Electronic Office Systems is proud to give businesses easy access to all the supplies they need, including dot matrix printer ribbons. We offer all manner of office products and supplies in a wide variety of brands, and we service companies nationwide through a national service network. No matter where in the United States your business is located, you can count on Electronic Office Systems to help you maintain functionality and productivity. We currently care for over 4,000 commercial businesses and associations in the New Jersey and New York metro area, and we would love to add your business to the list. For more information about the products, supplies, and brands we offer, contact us today by calling (973) 808-0100.