Pre-Move Planning for Equipment
in New Jersey

If your company plans to move, you will need to make some pre-move plans to send all of your office equipment over to the new office. Regardless of where you are moving, if you've got sizable office equipment, like large format printers, console copiers or engineering copiers, to relocate, the experts at Electronic Office Systems can assist you in your move. Electronic Office Systems also will provide you with a detailed plan to protect your valuable investments, accomplish the move within your budget, meet your deadlines, avoid costly mistakes, and save time and money. The move of your business and important office equipment will be more efficient if you chose to use EOS.

Avoid Downtime with Equipment Planning

The experienced professionals at Electronic Office Systems specialize in equipment relocation and knowing all of the ins and outs of getting a business moved, and up and running with little or no downtime. Just show us your blueprints and we will advise you on the optimum layout and help you formulate an effective, time-saving relocation plan for your office equipment. Office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, printers and shredders are essential to the day-to-day functions of your business. Once your company is fully moved into its new space, we also can provide you with services to repair your office equipment, as well as equipment maintenance.

Electronic Office Systems offers service plans for office equipment maintenance checks. The frequency of maintenance checks is dependent on the workload of the equipment. In other instances, the equipment lets you know when it needs maintenance with a light or a message on its screen.

Document Flow to Maximize Productivity

In addition to your current move, work with our relocation experts to design your future office requirements and document flow for maximum productivity and efficiency. Remember, this may very well be your first and only opportunity to plan and direct a successful move. Don't take any chances with the move of your office equipment and put it in the hands of the experts at Electronic Office Systems!

Moving Office Equipment in New Jersey

Sometimes a business needs to relocate for one reason or another. That shouldn't stop your business from continuing to succeed or cause any lapses in productivity. If you need to move your business, come to the professionals at Electronic Office Systems in Fairfield, New Jersey. We have all of your office equipment products and services, including maintenance, document management audits, equipment maintenance, equipment repair and, of course, equipment relocation. Please feel free to contact our Fairfield, New Jersey office today at 973-808-0100 to learn more or get help with your office equipment move!

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