Document Management / Content Management

Enterprise Document Management (EDM) / Content Management is one of Electronic Office System's (EOS) primary core competencies. Our key strategic partnerships with Square-9, as well as EMC, enables us to provide our clients with document management solutions for the lifecycle their documents. Organizations that rely on document intensive processes use document management software to electronically manage documents, streamline workflows and eliminate inefficient paper based filing systems. As a front end for capturing documents, we are resellers of eCopy. This enables EOS to offer our clients a scalable document management solution with the end user in mind.

The transfer of information and the flow of business documentation through an efficient and cost-effective online document management system enables a company to effectively manage business and improve productivity. Electronic document management systems allow you to store, index, and manage and retrieve everything from your engineering drawings to contracts, marketing materials, invoices and insurance claims, with secure user access. Business content needs to be effectively and securely distributed among the right individuals at the right time.

Electronic Office Systems has the expertise, key industry partnerships, and a highly knowledgeable and dependable staff to seamlessly integrate and implement a Document Management/ Content Management solution to meet your needs.


Workflow is the movement of documents and information through a process. Workflow enables businesses to automate the flow or routing of documents within and across departments. Electronic forms are quickly routed and accessible in a secured environment. Documents are accessed real-time and workflow can mimic your current processes.

Web Access

Provides a document management solution by way of an efficient and inexpensive browser that allows clients to retrieve, view, and manage documents using standard Web browsers. Remote users can easily access documents in a secured and encrypted environment.


Electronic Office Systems offers a variety of document management systems incorporating capturing software, which seamlessly interfaces to Square9.We are able to capture any form of paper documents from TIFF, PDF, MS Office and other electronic documents and preserve them for retrieval and output. We utilize our MFP's for decentralized scanning as well as industry leading scanner devices for centralized scanning.

File Management

Document management solutions for file management allow organizations to create, safeguard, and access records and cost-effectively archive or destroy them according to system-enforced administrative, regulatory, or legal rules. With Square9, enterprises can demonstrate compliance with regulations, defend internal policies and actions, and avoid legal, monetary, and procedural penalties. In addition, electronic document management systems for file management also protect intellectual resources, reduces expenses, and protects corporate images.

Seamless Integration to Applications

In today's business environment, many companies utilize applications as it pertains to their business vertical. Document management systems that require implementation of a secondary application to image enable related documents can become complex and costly . With Documentum we offer an out of the box module that enables businesses to image enable their core applications by the touch of a single key stroke.

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