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With over thirty years of experience helping businesses in New Jersey, Electronic Office Systems is proud to offer a document management audit service. Document management audits are ideal for customers and businesses who are interested in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their documentation management protocol in order to achieve greater effectiveness. Below, we will discuss what a document management audit may look like, and some of the solutions Electronic Office Systems is able to provide to our valued customers.

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A document management system implemented by Electronic Office Systems will help your business to create a more efficient and smooth document management process. Document management systems typically involve document imaging. This means that all documents will be converted into electronic images that can be stored on a computer. Instead of searching through files and risking the loss of paper documents, electronic documents are safe, protected and searchable. During your document management audit, we will determine if electronic imaging of your documents would help your business perform more effectively.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

In the document management audit, our team will work to revise your process of document management by first determining the strengths and weaknesses of your process. Most customers we work with are not using any sort of electronic document management system, so we will start by evaluating the current process. The most common things we notice are that documents are not being handled legally - for example, they are not being protected to a high enough level and data is being compromised. Other common mishaps include an electronic environment existing but employees failing to know how to properly use this tool. Additional weaknesses may include the lack of any electronic environment for documents or the utilization of the original paper copies of documents.

All of these weaknesses can put a business at risk. Electronic document management systems, and the ability to properly use the electronic documents, is vital for protecting sensitive information and for backing up documents in case the paper copy is compromised.

Conclusions of a Document Management Audit

Following the document management Audit, the professionals at Electronic Office Systems will present our findings and recommendations. This usually involves the implementations of an electronic document management system, along with proper training for any employees who will need to utilize this system. We will also go over legal requirements for the types of documents your business will handle to help your business achieve legal and professional compliance. With an electronic document management system, your business will be able to instantly access important documents using simple search and retrieve commands. This will streamline business efforts and bring your business up-to-date with necessary technology requirements your customers require and expect.

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If your business is looking into initiating a document management system or needs help making better use of an existing document management system, we recommend starting with a document management audit. Our team of professionals at Electronic Office Systems has extensive experience performing these audits to help our customers achieve greater business efficiency and compliance. Contact us today by calling (973) 327-7493 to get started. We look forward to working with you.

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