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Bring your documents to life with a leading, high-quality laser printer from Electronic Office Systems. We provide laser printers and multifunction printers from the leading manufacturers, with the customer service and trust you expect from our Fairfield, New Jersey team. If your office is in need of a laser printer, whether you need brochures, posters or simple invoices printed, we will have the right machine to meet your needs. Learn more about the capabilities and variety of our laser printer selection below.

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Laser printers give users the ability to create sharp color outputs for the creation of a variety of bright and bold documents. Laser printers work by scanning a laser beam back and forth behind a drum in the printer. This builds up enough static electricity in the needed pattern to attract toner (the color) on to the paper with the help of a fuser unit. Laser printers are preferred amongst some because they produce sharper images, more color, and are faster at the printing process than traditional ink printers. This makes the documents go from your computer to the paper with the least variance possible. The black and white laser printers provide a sharp, fast, and clear output for simple printing tasks that do not require color. The color laser printers have exceptional capabilities to print full color brochures, stationary, diagrams and other professional quality documents as well.

Additionally, add on features can be made to laser printers. These add on features add multiple functions to the device, such as stapling, hole punching, booklet making and multi-part forms printing.

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We are authorized to sell printers from these leading manufacturers of laser printers:

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