At Electronic Office Systems, some of our core competencies is enterprise document management, content management, backfile scanning and indexing. These offerings are relied on by businesses all over the U.S. each and every day. Below, we will describe why each of these offerings is so important for a business and how you can work to modernize your business practices with a little help from Electronic Office Systems.

Document Management in New Jersey

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Content Management in New Jersey

If your company relies on document intensive processes, then you probably have a lot of paper documents floating around at any given time. Document intensive processes may include paper forms your patients need to fill out, or paper order forms for fulfilling sales. At the end of the day, paper documents take a lot of time to process, file, and manage. With a document management software, your business will be able to electronically manage all documents, streamline workflows, and easily access any document with the click of a button.

Document imaging and backfile scanning will allow your business to convert all current paper documents into electronic images freeing up years worth of paper crowding your office. Backfile scanning is simply the process of having our team go in and scan all backlogged paperwork into your new electronic document management system, assuring nothing is lost.

Content Management in New Jersey

Electronic Office Systems is committed to delivering products that improve business efficiencies through technology. We solve difficult business problems through smart and effective technology solutions. There is so much content needed to make a business run, and content driven processes often take the longest to execute within a business. Our Content Management solutions work to make your business more efficient, through customer relationship management (CRM) tools, document management tools, and other enterprise resource solutions.

Backfile Scanning Indexing in New Jersey

Our document management and content management software can easily provide indexing. Indexing creates a digital index of all of your organizations digital documents. An index is easily searchable, allowing anyone with access the ability to search the index for a specific document or type of content and retrieve it within seconds. Indexing is just one more tool to increase business efficiency within your enterprise.

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Electronic Office Systems is prepared to assess your enterprise needs and deliver a software solution to improve internal processes. There are so many benefits to document management, content management, backfiling and indexing services, and we are here to help you reap those benefits for your business. From improved efficiency to more effective business processes and faster employees, this digital transformation will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Contact us today by calling (973) 327-7493 to get started and learn more about our products, solutions and supplies for your business.

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