How to Properly Maintain Your Office Device: Tips and Benefits


As machines are typically affected by general wear and tear, especially those that are used on a regular basis, it is incredibly important to properly maintain your device in order to ensure its longevity. By following these recommended practices and maintenance measures, you can effectively protect your office, personal copier, printer, or MFP and guarantee your productivity and success. 

Perform Quality Tests  

As most office devices are heavily relied upon throughout each workday, it is important to run regular performance tests to detect issues before they disrupt the flow of productivity. To prevent your device from breaking down unexpectedly, stay aware of the status of your machine by running tests to evaluate your machine’s performance. It is also strongly recommended that you protect your device and the information it may contain by installing protective software on your devices, such as Document Management Solutions and Datto Ransomware Protection Software. 

Attend to Paper Jams Quickly 

Regardless of the type of printer used in your office, you or your employees will face paper jams from time to time. It is important to address paper jams as soon as they occur to prevent mechanical damage to the device’s rollers. Paper jams can be prevented by using the correct paper for your device, fanning the paper out before placing it in the input tray and loading the correct amount of paper into your device. 

Clean Your Device 

To prevent a significant amount of dust and dirt from finding its way into your printer, copier, scanner or MFP device, be sure to clean the outer surfaces of the device on a regular basis. As the fans within each machine used to prevent overheating often collect a significant amount of dust, dirt, pollen, etc. It is important to proactively clean your device to reduce the likelihood of particles entering your machine and causing disruptions, such as slow printing speeds. In addition to cleaning your device regularly, you may also find it helpful to use a can of compressed air to clear your device of particle build-up. 

Be Mindful of Your Office Temperature 

While your employees may ask you to adjust the temperature of the office from time to time, did you ever consider the impact that temperature can have on the performance of your office device? By providing proper air ventilation in your office space, your copier, printer, or MFP will be protected against overheating, which can lead to paper jams and reduced quality of your prints, as well as shorten the overall lifespan of your device. To ensure that your office device is functioning to the best of its ability, be sure to maintain a consistent, cool temperature in your workspace.  

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